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An Ode to the British Tories

Bye, Bye, Bye!

The legend Jonathan Pie nails it in under 5 minutes. There is more, of course, but his summary is both fair and an outstanding take on the UK Conservative Party’s right wing legacy.

Austerity, cuts to the public service, trickle down economics, corruption, policies favouring corporations and the wealthy, underinvesting in infrastructure, Brexit, selling off assets, allowing local Govt to go bankrupt, systematic assaults on the health and public sector - all led to a spectacular political demise for the Tories after 14 long years.

And while the political result is riveting to watch, it’s been much more sober on the ground.

Here are some headlines from the last few years of the Torys’s systematic assault on everyday Britain -

There are nuances to all of this but what’s been clear is the Tory’s policies have a detailed overlap with that of the current Government in NZ.

The think tanks behind them are also the same.

So, it won’t happen overnight, but these potentials can happen.

Right now, they have started in NZ - at pace, with intention.

This is why I support political education.

It’s only ever about the people on the ground.

Support lives and help each other succeed.

Aotearoa New Zealand is beautiful, and so are its peoples.

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